The Roberts Team

We Believe Client Communication is our Greatest Strength

They say in real estate, the three most important things are; “Location, Location, Location”! We believe the three most important elements in assisting people in wealth management and retirement planning are; “Communication, Communication, Communication!”

Our Communication Philosophy

We communicate our process, how it works and how you could benefit.

We seek open client dialogue on your current financial situation, including short and long term goals, as well as retirement and estate planning desires, and what your expectations are in establishing a relationship with us.

After gathering input and assessing your situation, we clearly communicate how you can accomplish your goals. Along the way we identify potential road blocks as well as opportunities that may hinder or advance your ability to achieve those goals.

Upon establishing a client relationship we are available for meetings to help make sure market forces and asset allocation strategy continue to support the achievement of your goals and objectives. We make sure your investment objectives match your tolerance for risk and can help you periodically make adjustments when necessary. We pride ourselves on our monthly / quarterly conference call system.

We set dates for ongoing intervals to reach you by phone. On that call we review your prior portfolio allocation, your current allocation and whether or not market forces suggest we should make adjustments to your asset allocation strategy. We may choose to stay the course or choose a modification to our strategy. At the close of the call, we are ready to schedule your next review. It’s really a very simple straightforward strategy that helps us stay on track.

As I mentioned at the outset, we place a very high priority on a consistently implemented communication strategy. Harbor Lights Financial Group is a practice I co-founded twenty four years ago, leaving this practice to go somewhere else is simply not an option.*

*Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

Pictured left to right: Amanda O’Neill, Lynn Bloxom, Ken Roberts