The Tendler Team

Serving our Clients with Excellence Built on the Foundation of Trust

What we do is actually quite simple – We work to help people retire. While the challenge seems simple, it takes a combination of time, experience, proficiency and commitment. But when you get it right, the rewards can be beneficial.

How we do it is a tribute to our experienced staff and all the professionals behind the scenes. Our practice benefits from being large enough to provide a wide range of investment products and services while agile enough to maintain strong personal connections with our clients.

Most importantly our team is comprised of professionals who serve our clients with excellence built on the foundation of trust. Most of the people we work with are executives, managers or in some cases entrepreneurs. Many have retirement plans, some have executive stock options, and some require high level executive compensation planning. In short, we’ve work with hundreds of successful people and companies.

But the one thing they all have in common is this; the desire to work with a group of professionals who listen to what they have to say, and who empower them through education and a consultative client approach. We help our clients make wise investment decisions, and remain engaged in the process around their particular needs.

Why we do it is also simple. It’s meaningful work.

For some, this may seem unusual. But to our team the knowledge we are doing meaningful work is a highly-motivating factor in everything we do. Our core principles haven’t changed since our co-founder Robert Tendler established Harbor Lights Financial Group in early 1990s. And the practice has continued to thrive based on these core principles:

Always do the right thing

Ask the right questions

Be accountable