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Harbor Lights Financial Group planning services offer clients a commitment to the sound advice and strategy necessary, including for generations of a family, to be well cared for. And because we have no obligation to sell any specific financial product, ​you can trust that we will only recommend those investments or solutions best suited to our family client.

What is Generational or Multigenerational Planning?

Generational or multigenerational planning is like estate planning, with a focus on managing the distribution of assets in the event of one’s death or incapacitation; however, it is not a simple one-way transfer of assets. Generational planning not only places its focus on the next generation but their children and maybe even living elderly members of the family. Planning of this nature will ensure that immediate children receive the benefits of a life’s work, but it can also include how to do the same for their children.

In many families, the interests or needs of different members vary and overlap. When money is separated from one generation to the next, multigenerational planning may even be MORE necessary. For example, a grandparent may wish to support their grandchildren’s college needs. Grandchildren may one day have to support the care of their grandparents. In the event of an unexpected death, then discussions about whether or not a spouse can carry on alone should take place. Are all beneficiaries capable of handling an inheritance? There are many scenarios, but ultimately this is a plan for how one legacy can support generations of family.

Why Harbor Lights Financial Group for Generational Planning Strategies?

Harbor Lights Financial Group is committed to a set of standards! These standards include that we will always do the right thing, we will always ask the right questions, and we will always be accountable! We intend to help our clients make the most objective choices based on in-depth professional knowledge & support. And Generational Planning options & choices will never solely be management driven. And if any one of these services is of interest, please ask us about Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, College Planning, or Life Insurance Planning today!

We are also a team of advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (see below)— professionals who help people like you with customized strategies designed to enhance and/or preserve your assets for retirement. We work to realize your financial goals, empowering you to enjoy the freedom that brings.

Robert Tendler – CFP CLU
Jonathan Shippee – MBA CFP
Douglas Lockwood – CFP
David Scureman– MBA CFP
Kenneth Roberts – CFP

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